Edited by Chris Turiello.


As part of 'A Collective Memory' series

The film's protagonist, a hypnotist, has made an amorous film in order to illuminate the distance between himself and his beloved. The process of making the film has taken as long as the lovers have been separated. After the film’s completion, the hypnotist is arrested. He is put on trial in an unknown, abandoned space, a no-where. He is accused of creating a film that hypnotizes the citizens and causes them to rise up, their inner spiritual reality turned outward into the public sphere. No one knows what one does, sees, thinks, or what to make of this film; even the filmmaker himself is ignorant of the facts. 

Drawing on the medieval saga Mantiq at-Tayr, composed in the 12th century by the Sufi poet 'Attar, the eponymous film Conference of the Birds presents the story of its filmmaker's ignorance and its spectators' search. Like the group of birds who make the journey across seven spiritual valleys in search of the "bird of birds", the film develops as remembrances of pictures of a story told in other times and other places: such as the 22nd of February 1986 in Quezon City; the 21st of December 1989 in Bucharest; or the 17th of December 2010 in Tunis.


Concept, production & realization: 
Azin Feizabadi
With textual and visual contributions by: 
Andrea Geyer, Farkhondeh Shahroudi, Neda Saeedi, Ernesto Pujol & Taha Moghani

Abandon space Director of Photography:  Christopher Turiello

Camera Operator:  Chris Turiello

Production:  Colin Nusbaum, Vladana Ilic and Lukas Brašiškis
Performance:  Matt Trayonski, Shahryar Shahmatt and Azin Feizabadi
Narrated by:  Saba Riazi & Azin Feizabadi

Other scenes include footage’s from youtube and personal video-archive’s Footage references are listed and credited 


1.78: 1
High Definition Video 
48min, High , color & b/w, stereo sound, 2011
English and Farsi - English and Farsi subtitles
Canon 7D and Panasonic HMC 150
Canon, Nikon, and Sigma Lenses
Compression:  Apple Pro Res 422 HQ