Edited by Chris Turiello.


Chris is a New York City based Cinematographer.  He currently works under independent contracts as a Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Gaffer and 1st AC.  Since 2010, Chris has been working as a contractor for Google on a regular basis.

Chris was born in Milford, Connecticut, where he grew up studying Fine Art before the age of ten.  In 2000 he began studying Digital Art, and in 2007, he received his Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Connecticut State University majoring in both Graphic Design and Video Production.  In 2008, he moved to New York City to study film production at a graduate level. In May 2010, Chris earned a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies at The New School for General Studies, where he concentrated in “Film Form.”

Chris is also the Founding Director of FIRST FEATURES, an organization dedicated to the awareness and support of directorial debut feature films.